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KuBiZ garden

We have learned in the past years that a seminar, a workshop or a conference in our rooms can have a great ecological and social effect. In order to reduce this so-called “backpack” of your event from the beginning, we ask you to take the following suggestions seriously:


Already traveling to Berlin can have a huge ecological effect. We urge you to avoid air travel to Berlin. We have excellent rail connections to Berlin and buying tickets early or using Bahncards makes this journey almost always affordable. A major city is no place for cars. Cars clog and poison our city, make noise and are dangerous. Leave them at home. This is especially true for group leaders: we have almost everything here, you usually don’t need a car and certainly not for shopping! That’s what our cargo bike is for.

In Berlin, the best way to get around is by public transport (ÖPNV). It’s ecological, cheap and low-stress.


There are three organic supermarkets and an organic food shop in our immediate surroundings. All of them are easily accessible by tram or with our cargo bike Paulin. Here you can do all your important shopping, looking out for ecological and sustainable products. The discounters nearby also offer a wide range of organic products. Please don’t frustrate us by having to empty the rubbish bins full of cheap sausage and cheese packaging and plastic Coke bottles again.

Within tagungswerk

Our solar thermal system provides hot water with a low ecological footprint, especially in summer. However, not in the morning at 7 am. If you shower in the evening instead, your ecological footprint is much smaller!

Heating is a climate killer, especially in old houses like ours. Unfortunately, as is often the case, our building management does nothing to insulate the building. So it depends on every degree and on your ventilation behaviour. Airing at regular intervals saves energy, as does lowering the heating temperature in the rooms.

Saving electricity also makes sense. The lights don’t have to burn day and night. Neither in the bathroom nor in the seminar rooms.

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