tagungswerk is run by a small collective. Collective means for us that we make important decisions together and not hierarchically. Equal pay is just as important to us as freedom of choice with whom we work together. As a collective, we also aspire to be inclusive and diverse. The collective is supported by volunteers.

Adam (41) works full-time in the collective of our association. Since 2015, he has worked as a political educator and empowerment trainer for various organisations. With his own migration experience and as an activist for migrants‘ rights, he is particularly interested in the process of developing new educational methods. Adam looks after the guest groups at tagungswerk before, during and after their stay.

Béla (41) is one of the founding members of the collective. He studied political science in Rostock and Potsdam/Berlin and started doing anti-racist educational work in schools in rural Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during his studies. In our team, he works especially on a voluntary basis in political education work. His main interest is the (further) development of methods of non-formal learning and the use of intersectional educational approaches that focus on the intersection of different forms of discrimination. In addition, he is concerned with the reproduction of power relations in photography and diversity-sensitive education of children.

Cristina (34) Master in Social Work with experience in formal and non-formal education projects with children, youth, and adults; development of soft skills and forms of social integration and participation. Interested in learning creative methodologies that combine playful and corporal activities to achieve pedagogical objectives. Since 2018 she has actively participated in different collectives on topics of migration, feminism, and anti-colonialism. Cristina is a volunteer of the association, she supports us in our educational work and also in the seminar and the guest house.

Frambo () supports the collective especially with booking requests and looking after guest groups. …

Jens (51) is working in the collektiv for a long time and also volunteers on the board of the association. He studied political science in Göttingen and Berlin and has worked as a journalist as well as in development and globalisation education. At the tagungswerk he knows a lot about technology.

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