Local offers

swimming in the White Lake

The nearby Jewish Cemetery Berlin Weißensee is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. Guided tours are offered for groups.

Berlin Hohenschönhausen Memorial in the former Stasi prison is also only a few minutes away and offers numerous educational opportunities.

Zeiss Planetarium at Prenzlauer Allee S-Bahn station is also easy to reach. Here there are offers for young and old, with a high educational content but also a variety of entertainment.

Our small Weissensee art house cinema “Toni&Tonino” at Antonplatz offers a dedicated and varied cinema programme for young and old in two halls every day.

With Brotfabrik (bread factory) at the so-called Weißenseer Spitze, Weißensee offers another place with a wide range of cultural activities. From theatre and cinema to a gallery and pub, a diverse and independent cultural venue has emerged here since reunification.

A small voluntary association also runs the “Freilichtbühne Weißensee” (Weissensee open-air stage) just around the corner. In addition to films, there are concerts and a children’s programme – as the name suggests, open air and directly on the lake.


Berlin offers a huge variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities. We are happy to give you tips on offers that are perhaps not so easy to find, but which we find very interesting, e.g. the Museum of Capitalism.

Feel free to talk to us!

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