Ecological building technology and restoration

Our seminar house uses modern energy saving technology. A large solar heating (klick to get to the facility model with actual data!) unit provides warm water during the whole year – when the sun is shining, and an adjacent photo-voltaic unit, which was built in cooperation with the FreiRäume foundation, has an output of 11kW.

During the renovation of the house we tried to conserve as much of the old building fabric as possible. For example the over a century old parquet floors were treated with hard wax oil, and the old windows were sealed and brought up to modern thermal insulation standards. The ecological insulating material Isoflock was added to the intermediate ceilings.

Cargo bike for errands and shopping on site

You can confidently leave your cars at home! There is no reason to drive to Berlin by car – we have a well-developed public transport system. The tram line M4, which connects us to the city center leaves 24/7.

Foto: Bernd Wähner

The journey by bus and train is easy and comfortable. In order to be able to do your shopping well on site, we also provide the guest groups with our cargo bike Paulin. With the bike, which has an electric motor, you can easily and safely transport 100kg. Please clarify your need for the cargo bike with us 1-2 weeks before your arrival, as Paulin is also available to neighbors via the fLotte rental system.

Ecological Supply

Our goal is to develop the seminar and guest house on an ecological basis. We try to use local suppliers with fair working conditions and ecological product standards, so we arrange for our seminar groups to be supplied by local ecological bakeries and ecological and fair trade groceries. At KuBiZ we always use ecological detergents and toilet paper as a matter of principle.